Thursday, September 1, 2011

F.lux: The Sleep Saver!

So, I clearly suck at blogging. I still haven't earned 10 dollars yet to start monetizing my shit, but I'll get there... ANYYYYYYWAYYYYYY...

So I'm an open-source kinda guy, I think that's the way the world is headed. So whenever I run into something open-source, or even if it's just a clever idea that some guy released for free, I'll try to post it and keep my readers in the know.

What I really wanted to bring to your attention, is if you're a college student like myself, you've probably lost track of time while you're sitting at your laptop watching youtube videos of cats n dogs n babies eating lemons. See, while you're staring at your screen and what it's doing is emitting light on the blue/UV side of the spectrum, and in the long long ago time before electricity the only source humans had for this light was... the SUN!

Yea, our evolution basically taught us that when the blue light is out, it's time to be awake and hunt your mammoth for the day. But now this fake blue light is everywhere and keeps us awake by pretending to be the sun.

Well I'm here to tell you guys that if you found that to be a somewhat acceptable explanation for your "insomnia" then look no further than F.lux!

Basically it gradually shifts your screen "temp" from the blue side to the red side as night approaches. If you switch back and forth fast it's easy to notice the difference, but throughout the day you won't even realize it has any effect.

Bitches love clean interfaces.

Download links
 F.lux WIN, Mac, Linux

Also, I'm hoping to improve on my writing ability. So if you have a problem with my punctuation, grammar, or syntax then let me know and I will do my best to address those problems.

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