Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long time internet citizen, first time blogger

Helloooooo cyberspace! After a long time brushing off blogging as a passing fad, I've finally come around and realized the positive impact blogging can have on an individual as part of a global community. Whether it's a place to spread your favorite music and media, it's also a great place to expound on your opinions and get a discussion going about a particular topic. So let me tell you a few things you can look forward to by following me:

1) Hopefully regular weekly updates regarding world and local events.
2) Whatever music I'm personally feeling at the moment, this can range from classical to gangster rap.
3) Interesting photographs and articles.
4) Posts pertaining to style and fashion.
5) Rants, a lot of rants.

Also relevant song by my current favorite artist Freddie Gibbs:

"Nowadays everybody got somethin' to say about the
(things you do today)
just do what you do, and one day you might have pay for the
(things you do today)
and life is short, get money you should start living well from the
(things you do today)
be careful what you doin', you could end up in the grave or excel from the
(things you do today)"

Keep on the lookout for him 'cause he's gonna blow soon. He's got the sickest flow, content that the streets can actually relate to, and the fucking heart to rap. Check him as he's dropping TWO new albums this year, A Cold Day in Hell due out in February, debut LP Baby Faced Killa due whenever he thinks he's done with his masterpiece.

Now, I'm not going to be anybody but myself here so I won't hide my recent infatuation with Jersey Shore. So I'm going to go spend a wee bit of time getting better acquainted with those guido douchebags that America loves to hate.